Surgical Treatment Options


Surgical treatment for a fractured or broken rib is often referred to as Surgical Stabilization of Rib Fractures (SSRF). This method uses titanium plates to stabilize rib bones as they heal by holding the ribs in place. It has shown to be a potentially more effective method for rib fracture management than non-surgical conservative treatments.1

Zimmer Biomet currently offers two treatment options for patients that need rib fixation:


RibFix Advantage is a less invasive approach to rib fracture repair. Using a system of metal bridges and posts, this system offers less muscle disruption. The product is designed to fit against the rib’s natural arch, leading to restored stability at the fracture site. Surgery is performed while the patient is asleep under general anesthesia.

The procedure generally follows these steps:

  • Once the fracture is identified, a surgeon will make a reduced-size incision, the scope entry point. This less-invasive surgery uses a camera to ensure the correct placement of the implant.
  • The surgeon will then drill into the center of the rib on either side of the fracture, creating a guide so that the device can be secured for proper rib placement.
  • During the procedure, the implants are placed on the inside of the rib to stabilize the fracture.


While RibFix Advantage is attached to the inside of the rib, RibFix Blu is a rigid fixation system of metal plates and screws connected on the outside of the rib bone to stabilize the fracture site helping facilitate the healing process.

These plates are used during sternal reconstructive procedures, trauma, or planned osteotomies. Surgery is performed while the patient is asleep under general anesthesia.

The procedure generally follows these steps:

  • Fracture identified using CT Scan and skin is marked to identify its location
  • The incision is made over the fractured rib to gain access to the injury
  • The two broken segments of the rib are brought together and a titanium plate is attached to the top side of the bone with screws

  Patient Education Materials

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